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Bart Aoki

Bart Aoki, Ph.D.

As Director of TRDRP, Dr. Aoki provides leadership in developing priorities and strategies for the program. He has more than 24 years of experience in the development and management of research programs both at the University of California and in private non-profit settings. He is a clinical-community psychologist and has a background in the study of alcohol and substance abuse and in the development of community-based prevention programs. 

MF Bowen

M.F. Bowen, Ph.D.
Program Officer for Biomedical Sciences 

Prior to joining the TRDRP staff in August 1998, Dr. Bowen taught basic and comparative biology while an assistant professor at Northern Illinois University and conducted research at SRI International as the Principal Investigator on several NIH RO1 grants in cellular neurophysiology. She has also served as a consultant to several Fortune 500 corporations.

Jewel Charles

Jewel Charles
Program Specialist

Ms. Charles joined TRDRP staff as a Program Assistant in March 2003. She brings years of administrative experience to TRDRP from the health care field. She works closely with the director and staff as well as Scientific Advisory Committee members and coordinates special projects on behalf of the program.

Phillip Gardiner

Phillip Gardiner Dr. P.H.
Program Officer for Policy Research and Neurosciences

Dr. Gardiner joined TRDRP in 1997. He is a trained survey researcher and evaluator and has written numerous articles on health disparities and African American use of menthol cigarettes. Dr. Gardiner is the editor of the TRDRP Newsletter, Burning Issues, and he provided the leadership that resulted in the adoption of the TRDRP Community-based Participatory Research Awards.

Noval Hickman, Ph.D

Norval Hickman, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Program Officer for Social Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Hickman has training in Clinical Psychology and Public Health. He has experience conducting a clinical trial and behavioral interventions for smoking cessation. His publications address smoking prevalence, cessation treatments, psychosocial correlates, and tobacco industry marketing to special populations.

Anwer Mujeeb

Anwer Mujeeb, Ph.D.
Program Officer for Biomedical and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Mujeeb has a background in cancer-related research, biochemistry, and toxicology. He also serves as a Program Officer for Biomedical and Basic Clinical Research with the California HIV/AIDS Research Program.


Christine Olsen
Grant Analyst

Ms. Olsen has been with TRDRP since 1999. She has years of administrative experience with the program. Please email her progress, final, and financial reports or if you need application modification forms.

Contact RGPO Grants for TRDRP grants administration information.

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