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Reduction of Passive Smoking in Asthmatic Children: Clinical

Institution: San Diego State University Research Foundation
Investigator(s): Melbourne Hovell, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Award Cycle: 1992 (Cycle 1) Grant #: 1RT-0509 Award: $521,489
Subject Area: Tobacco-Use Prevention and Cessation
Award Type: Research Project Awards

Reduction of secondary smoke exposure in asthmatic children: parent counseling
Periodical: Journal of Asthma Index Medicus:
Authors: Meltzer SB, Hovell MF, Meltzer EO, Atkins CJ, dePeyser A ART
Yr: 1993 Vol: 30 Nbr: 5 Abs: Pg: 391-400

Passive smoking: an underrated problem in children?
Periodical: Journal of Respiratory Disease Index Medicus:
Authors: Meltzer EO, Meltzer SB ART
Yr: 1993 Vol: 14 Nbr: 8 Abs: Pg: 950-954

The prevalence of cats and dogs in the homes of asthmatic children exposed to environmental tobacco smoke
Periodical: Annals of Allergy Index Medicus:
Authors: Meltzer SB, Meltzer EO, Hovell MF, Wahlgren DR, Zakarian JM ABS
Yr: 1994 Vol: 72 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 93