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Tobacco Control Digital Library

Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Investigator(s): Karen Butter, M.L.
Award Cycle: 1999 (Cycle 8) Grant #: 8RT-0043 Award: $514,796
Subject Area: Public Health, Public Policy, and Economics
Award Type: Research Project Awards

Initial Award Abstract
Public and private organizations throughout the country are releasing information from the tobacco industry. Millions of pages of corporate documents covering the past half-century are now available to the public. These documents reveal the inner workings of cigarette manufacturers and contain corporate practices, marketing, and directions for scientific research. A small portion is available on the internet with unrestricted access worldwide. At the same time there are large repositories of paper documents offering only onsite access.

In this project, we will develop an online resource center to collect, index and preserve information in digital format about the tobacco industry. The Tobacco Control Digital Library (TCDL) will assemble existing and new digital collections into an integrated, seamless framework which supports the search and retrieval of tobacco information. We will also provide continuous access to important digital collections that lack long term support as well as index and digitize documents available now only in paper format. The existing UCSF Tobacco Control Archives (TCA) website will form the foundation for the Tobacco Control Digital Library. The Brown & Williamson Collection, the Cigarette Papers Online, the public policy reports from UCSF faculty, and the Mangini Collection are all online resources made available through the Tobacco Control Archives. The TCDL will build upon this online tobacco resource through the release of additional quality digital information organized on the web in a user-friendly searchable system.

With the creation of the TCDL, an online resource will be established to support policy research including studies assessing the role of anti-tobacco and pro-tobacco forces in shaping California's tobacco policies. This resource will provide data essential for the analysis of these forces including the industry's promotion of tobacco products and the impact of this promotion on the evolution of the California's tobacco control policies as well as on the state's diverse populations. Through this grant we will continue our participation in recent national efforts to plan coordinated access to tobacco industry documents. While a coordinated national approach is a long term objective, the steps we propose in this grant will assure the continued acquisition of critical material for tobacco control efforts in California. A financially supported TCDL will position California to play a lead role in this nationwide planning effort to coordinate access to tobacco industry information.

Building digital tobacco industry document libraries at the university of california library/center for knowledge management.
Periodical: D-Lib Magazine Index Medicus:
Authors: Schmidt H, Butter KA, Rider C ART
Yr: 2002 Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg: