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Tobacco Control Archives

Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Investigator(s): Karen Butter, M.L.
Award Cycle: 1997 (Cycle 6) Grant #: 6ST-0455 Award: $103,839
Subject Area: Public Health, Public Policy, and Economics
Award Type: Special Projects

Final Report
Objectives: The Tobacco Control Archives (TCA) was established by the University of California, San Francisco Library/Center for Knowledge Management in 1994 to document tobacco control policies and the anti-smoking movement in California, and to provide a central and organized repository for unpublished information. California, a recognized leader in the anti-tobacco movement, presents a natural laboratory in which to study the development of tobacco control policies. TCA has prepared an extensive Plan to guide its efforts to systematically gather tobacco control resources and information. The elements of the plans are: 1) to document the emergence of the nonsmokers' rights movement, including the Proposition 99 political campaign effort, the judicial challenges to the proposition and anti-tobacco laws, "Proposition 99 clones" in other states, the papers of individuals involved in the movement, and relevant research at the University of California; 2) to collect documents illustrating the implementation of the Health Education Account by the California Department of Health Services and the California Department of Education, including educational programs developed by Local Lead Agencies at the city and county level, the Media Campaign, the Competitive Grants program, the Statewide Projects, and the Regional Linkage Program; and 3) to document California city, county and state litigation concerning tobacco control, the states' attorney generals' litigation against the tobacco industry, and the national tobacco settlement.

Progress: In the small remaining period of this grant there were two significant activities. First, we recruited a project archivist to continue the successful efforts to expand the tobacco control archives. An experienced archivist, Arel Lucas, began work in May 2001. During this period her efforts were focused on implementing the collection plan for multi-media developed in the previous year of the project; to renew contacts with agencies and individuals with material relevant to the project; and, to review and organize material from new collections that were received in the past year.

Future Goals: With new grant funding TCA will focus its efforts in preserving existing audio/visual collections and to collect, process and preserve: the Statewide Media Campaign: the Proposition 10 campaign and the implementation of the California Children and Families State Act: and, the Proposition 28 campaign - the attempt to repeal Proposition 10.