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Novel Office-Based Device for Imaging Vocal Cord Cancer

Institution: University of California, Irvine
Investigator(s): Brian Wong, M.D., Ph.D.
Award Cycle: 2003 (Cycle 12) Grant #: 12RT-0113 Award: $510,000
Subject Area: Cancer
Award Type: Research Project Awards

Initial Award Abstract
INTRODUCTION: This proposal uses light to image the structure of the vocal cords in human subjects. The long term goal of this proposal is to develop an instrument using a novel imaging modality, optical coherence tomography, to produce high resolution images in tissue. In this specific application, our goal is to image the larynx in an office-based setting.

TOPIC ADDRESSED: The focus of this research is on diagnosing the changes in the human larynx that result from chronic exposure to tobacco and tobacco by-products. The diagnosis of early laryngeal cancer is exceptionally difficult to confirm on the basis of history and conventional physical examination alone. We have, in this proposal, attempted to address this problem.

PROGRESS TOWARDS SPECIFIC AIMS: In the original TRDRP proposal we established three specific aims focused on: (1) Design and construction of a high speed, high resolution OCT laryngoscope for use in an office; (2) Image laryngeal microstructure in patients and correlate their findings with chronic laryngitis, dysplasia or early T1 laryngeal cancer; (3) Correlate these images with actual pathologic results.

To date, we have been able to construct a prototype for performing this task of imaging the larynx in the office. The device was constructed over the course of the previous 12 months, and at this point we are able to identify the vocal cord using this instrument and see some images of internal vocal cord microstructure. We hope to implement this in clinical studies starting during this second year of the proposal.

FUTURE DIRECTIONS: Planned future work will include further refinement of the prototype to incorporate better, improved mechanical design and the addition of new optical elements to allow better visualization of the vocal cords. We will also work toward improving the ergonomics of design of this system.

IMPACT: We believe that this device will have a profound impact in the management of laryngeal disease related to tobacco and tobacco by-products, as we can get information which is similar to that obtained with biopsy, e.g. the microstructure of the vocal cord, without actually having to perform a biopsy. Since neither general anesthesia nor surgery is required to get this information, our device has significant potential as a means, not only to potentially diagnose early vocal cord cancer, but also to follow the progression of pre-malignant lesions of the vocal cord over time and also a means to archive these findings.

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