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Targeted Delivery of p53 to Lung Carcinoma Cells

Institution: Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
Investigator(s): Ruth Gjerset, Ph.D.
Award Cycle: 1995 (Cycle 4) Grant #: 4IT-0151 Award: $143,150
Subject Area: Cancer
Award Type: Inno Dev & Exp Awards (IDEAS)

Use of wild-type p53 to achieve complete treatment sensitization of tumor cells expressing endogenous mutant p53
Periodical: Molecular Carcinogenesis Index Medicus:
Authors: Gjerset RA, Turla ST, Sobol SE, et al ART
Yr: 1995 Vol: 14 Nbr: 4 Abs: Pg: 175-185

The jun kinase/stress activated protein kinase pathway functions to regulate DNA repair and inhibition of the pathway sensitizes tumor cells to cisplain
Periodical: Journal of Biological Chemistry Index Medicus:
Authors: Potapova O, Haghighi A, Bost F, et al ART
Yr: 0 Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg:

Sensitization of rat glioblastoma multiforme to cisplatin in vivo following restoration of wild-type p53 functions
Periodical: Journal of Neurosurgery Index Medicus:
Authors: Dorigo O, Turla ST, Lebedeva S, Gjerset RA ART
Yr: 1998 Vol: 88 Nbr: 3 Abs: Pg: 535-540