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Thirdhand Smoke Policy Workshop

Institution: University of Southern California
Investigator(s): Jonathan Samet, M.D., M.S.
Award Cycle: 2016 (Cycle 25) Grant #: 25ST-0040 Award: $4,981
Subject Area: Regulatory Science/New Products
Award Type: Special Projects

Initial Award Abstract
The Thirdhand Smoke Policy Workshop at USC is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, CA on May 11, 2017 with support by the California Thirdhand Smoke (THS) Consortium funded by the California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program. In this consortium, the USC Department of Preventive Medicine has the role of developing policy approaches to managing risks of THS, integrating work carried out by the investigators in the consortium. Their work addresses the characteristics of THS, indicators of exposure, and mechanisms of toxicity. The workshop is intended to support a broad discussion among a multi-sectoral group of stakeholders on two critical topics: 1) how to describe potential risks of THS to the public; and 2) how to translate scientific research on THS into policies and guidelines that will reduce exposures and protect the public from exposure to toxins and carcinogens in THS. The day-long workshop will bring together business representatives, customers and members of the public, academics and civil society advocates, and government officials to review the current state of knowledge on exposure and health effects of THS. In preparation for the workshop, seveal white papers are being prepared exploring codes of practice and regulatory options available to address THS by diverse stakeholders. During the workshop, participants will review the papers and provide feedback to help further the formulation of codes of practice and consider next steps to advance policy protecting the public from exposure to THS.