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2019 National Cannabis Summit

Institution: Advocates for Human Potential
Investigator(s): Linda Frazier, M.A.
Award Cycle: 2018 (Cycle 27) Grant #: 27CX-0062 Award: $100,000
Subject Area: Industry Influence/Policy
Award Type: Scientific Conference Award

Initial Award Abstract

Increasing legislation and use of cannabis across the U.S. demands thoughtful, scientifically sound, practical responses from states and communities. To ensure such responses, “best of the best” minds will come together in an objective national platform to facilitate frank discussion of policies and regulatory approaches, emerging research, and prevention and treatment approaches. Advocates for Human Potential will convene the 2019 National Cannabis Summit: Science, Policy, and Best Practices (Summit 2019), expanding on the first national forum (2017 National Cannabis Summit) to explore science, policy, regulatory, and governance issues of cannabis legalization using a research and public health approach. Summit 2019 will be held in California, long at the forefront of legalizing medical and recreational cannabis use, and is planned with input from the University of California Presidents Office; California Department of Public Health; California Bureau of Cannabis Control; and University of California, Los Angeles Integrated Substance Abuse Programs. In addition, involvement of the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse will lend an international perspective.

This 3-day scientific conference is designed for public health professionals in research, policy, regulatory oversight, and enforcement, as well as practitioners in public health and clinical services. Summit 2019 will maximize learning through original, informative, and engaging keynote sessions on the scientific, clinical, and political landscape surrounding state legislation of marijuana. Breakout workshops targeting specific issues will be organized around six tracks: emerging research and epidemiological data; governance, federal law, and emerging policy; prevention and education; health effects; public health and public safety; and regulatory issues. Networking and discussion will be facilitated through informal and interactive lunch-and-learn sessions, as well as poster presentations, during which authors and researchers interact with attendees. Extensive use of technology, including customized software and a social media presence before, during, and after, will exponentially increase the range of information sharing. Grounded in balanced and objective science-based perspectives, Summit 2019 will not include an exhibit hall and have no ties to the marijuana industry.