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Synthesis and Evaluation of Anticancer Agent Celogentin C

Institution: Stanford University
Investigator(s): Joshua Grimley, B.S., B.S.
Award Cycle: 2006 (Cycle 15) Grant #: 15DT-0015 Award: $29,500
Subject Area: General Biomedical Science
Award Type: Dissertation Awards

Initial Award Abstract
Chemotherapy is an accepted treatment for lung cancer to complement surgery. The drugs given to patients act by inhibiting cell division. Since cancer cells are simply cells which grow and divide faster than their healthy counterparts, they can be selectively killed without harming healthy cells. However, resistance to these drugs has evolved. This means that a patient cannot always continue to take the same drug for the duration of their treatment because the cancer has developed resistance. One method to combat this resistance is to use new drugs.

A new type of drug, celogentin C, was discovered which was found to be better than a known anti-cancer agent in a laboratory experiment. In order to study this drug’s effects on lung cancer cells, it first has to be synthesized. Doing so will allow its evaluation as an anticancer agent. At the same time, variants can be made to improve the potency and selectivity for lung cancer.