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Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms and Tobacco Dependence

Institution: University of Southern California
Investigator(s): Adam Leventhal, Ph.D.
Award Cycle: 2019 (Cycle 28) Grant #: 28IR-0063 Award: $1,235,906
Subject Area: Tobacco-Use Prevention and Cessation
Award Type: High Impact Research Project Award

Initial Award Abstract

This project will help determine why people who have symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder—a mental health condition involving distress, uncontrollable and intrusive thoughts or impulses, and compulsive behavior—are vulnerable to persistent tobacco addiction. The results will guide future research to develop effective smoking cessation treatments for people with obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Because of the enormous health costs associated with smoking and mental illness, the knowledge gained from this research could yield substantial public health benefits.