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Interventions to reduce tobacco use among homeless women

Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Investigator(s): Elise Riley, Ph.D., MPH
Award Cycle: 2019 (Cycle 28) Grant #: 28IP-0033 Award: $496,848
Subject Area: Tobacco-Use Prevention and Cessation
Award Type: High Impact Pilot Award

Initial Award Abstract

Poverty is a strong predictor of smoking, with the highest rates observed among the poorest individuals. While people from low-income communities attempt to quit at rates comparable to the general population, they succeed at rates far lower.  In addition, while quit rates among women are lower than men, and while stress is associated with continued use in women, few interventions are specifically designed for women, let alone unstably housed women who experience extreme chronic stress. This study will test the influence of factors uniquely common in homeless women on smoking and elucidate the social context of smoking cessation. Our goal is to develop tobacco treatment recommendations specific to homeless and unstably housed women.