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A Community Based Approach to Tobacco Control

Institution: Loyola Marymount University
Investigator(s): Cheryl Grills,
Award Cycle: 2019 (Cycle 29) Grant #: T29IR0677 Award: $974,719
Subject Area: State and Local Tobacco Control Policy Research
Award Type: High Impact Research Project Award

Initial Award Abstract
CoThe proliferation of tobacco shops and off-sale alcohol outlets persists in South LA. Regarding community concerns of these legal drug outlets, we will conduct a multi-phase community-based participatory research project to examine the impact of tobacco outlets and their interactions with retail marijuana dispensaries (RMD) and off-sale alcohol outlets on four major social determinants of poor community health: neighborhood crime, violence, safety, and economic activity. This study is innovative and has high potential to reduce South LA TRHDs by informing public policies. Research questions will address pressing community concerns including: (1) effects of cannabis and tobacco outlet density on urban crime, violence, health, and safety, (2) the effects of regulatory and business market forces on the spatial distribution of outlet density and proximity to youth activity settings, and (3) impact of a community-led organizing campaign to prevent cannabis and tobacco use through changes to the city/county cannabis and tobacco policies. Leveraging the strong partnership of PARC and Community Coalition (a South LA-based advocacy organization), this novel study will increase public health's understanding of intersecting TRHDs surrounding crime, and violence, and advance local/state agencies ability to implement science-informed cannabis and tobacco control policies.