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Apoptotic cell clearance and Tobacco Induced COPD

Institution: University of California, San Diego
Investigator(s): Gregg Silverman, M.D.
Award Cycle: 2010 (Cycle 19) Grant #: 19XT-0079 Award: $56,857
Subject Area: Pulmonary Disease
Award Type: Exploratory/Developmental Award

Initial Award Abstract
Tobacco smoking is a major contributor to the development of chronic lung diseases, which include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This disease process is believed to be initiated with local irritation and an inflammatory response that injures the lungs and causes the increased death of pulmonary airway cells. Chronic lung damage may result as tobacco smoking impairs the normal physiologic processes for removal of these injured cells and airway repair. We have found naturally arising antibodies that can block inflammatory pathways and enhance the removal of dying and dead cells. We will use well characterized mouse models of tobacco smoke induced COPD to test the capacity of these antibodies to protect from lung disease caused by cigarette smoking. These studies will provide new insights into how to potentially control tobacco related lung disease, and may suggest new treatment approaches.