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University of California, Merced

Award Total: $4,316,851 # of Grants: 4

TashelleWright - HenryFormanPh.D. - HenryFormanPh.D. - AnnaSongPh.D. -


Intersecting Inequities: Linking tobacco use to oral health disparities among Blacks and Latinx 2019 (Cycle 30) $107,757
Tobacco-Use Prevention and Cessation Dissertation Awards

UC Merced Nicotine and Cannabis Policy Center 2019 (Cycle 28) $3,785,037
State and Local Tobacco Control Policy Research Policy Centers

Oxygen radicals in biology GRC 2006 2005 (Cycle 14) $5,000
General Biomedical Science Special Projects

Regulations of phase II genes by oxidation products 2005 (Cycle 14) $419,057
General Biomedical Science Research Project Awards