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Northern California Institute for Research & Education

Award Total: $1,234,964 # of Grants: 6

KarenSeesD.O. - S. PaulBergerM.D. - MichaelKwasmanM.D. - TimothyCarmodyPh.D. - RoyHallidayPh.D. - Frank RaySharpM.D. - TimothyCarmodyPh.D. - EllenHerbstM.D. -


Tech and Telephone Smoking Cessation Treatment for Young Veterans with PTSD 2017 (Cycle 26) $333,090
Disparities /Prevention/ Cessation/ Nicotine Dependence CA Scholar of Targeted Advance Rsrc

Affect Regulation in the Prevention of Smoking Relapse 1993 (Cycle 2) $70,601
Tobacco-Use Prevention and Cessation Inno Dev & Exp Awards (IDEAS)

Direct Effect of Nicotine on the Early Outward K Channel 1993 (Cycle 2) $75,588
Pulmonary Disease Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

Effects of Nicotine on Human Information Processing 1992 (Cycle 1) $247,818
Public Health, Public Policy, and Economics Research Project Awards

Functional Antagonists of Nicotine 1995 (Cycle 4) $236,936
General Biomedical Science New Investigator Awards

Addressing Substance Abusers Who Also Smoke 1994 (Cycle 3) $270,931
Tobacco-Use Prevention and Cessation New Investigator Awards