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Mark Eisner, M.D., M.P.H.

University of California, San Francisco # of Grants: 2


Environmental tobacco smoke exposure & adult asthma 2001 (Cycle 10) $460,032
Epidemiology Research Project Awards

The impact of secondhand smoke exposure on COPD outcomes 2008 (Cycle 17) $492,890
Epidemiology Research Project Awards

Environmental tobacco smoke exposure and pulmonary function among adults in NHANESIII: Impact on the general population and adults with current asthma.
Periodical: Environmental Health Perspectives Index Medicus:
Authors: Eisner MD ART
Yr: 2002 Vol: 110 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 765-770

Exposure to indoor combustion and adult ashma outcomes: environmental tobacco smoke, gas stoves, and woodsmoke.
Periodical: Thorax Index Medicus:
Authors: Eisner MD, Yelin EH, Katz PP, Blanc PD ART
Yr: 2002 Vol: 57 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 973-978

Diiectly measured second hand smoke exposure and asthma health outcomes.
Periodical: Thorax Index Medicus:
Authors: Eisner MD, Klein J, Hammond SK, Koren G, Lactao G, Iribarren C ART
Yr: 2005 Vol: 60 Nbr: 10 Abs: Pg: 914 - 821