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Adrie Bruijnzeel, Ph.D.

Scripps Research Institute # of Grants: 1


Neuroadaptations underlying nicotine dependence 2002 (Cycle 11) $60,379
Nicotine Dependence Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

Characterization of the effects of bupropion on the reinforcing properties of nicotine and food in rats.
Periodical: Synapse Index Medicus:
Authors: Bruijnzeel AW, Markou A ART
Yr: 2003 Vol: 50 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 20-28

Bupropion enhances brain reward function and reverses the affective and somatic aspects of nicotine withdrawal in the rat.
Periodical: Psychopharmacology Index Medicus:
Authors: Cryan JF< Bruijnzeel AW, Skjei KL, Markou A ART
Yr: 2003 Vol: 168 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 347-358