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Robert Friis, Ph.D.

California State University, Long Beach Foundation # of Grants: 3


Smoke-free bars: analysis of the response from Long Beach 1998 (Cycle 7) $552,978
Public Health, Public Policy, and Economics Research Project Awards

Cambodian research initiative 2003 (Cycle 12) $106,456
Tobacco-Use Prevention and Cessation Pilot CARA

Determinants of Smoking Prevalence among Cambodian Americans 2007 (Cycle 16) $693,630
Tobacco-Use Prevention and Cessation Full CARA

Binge drinkers, illicit drug users and polydrug users: an epidemiological study of American collegians
Periodical: Journal of Alcohol Drug Education Index Medicus:
Authors: Feigelman W, Gorman BS, Lee JA ART
Yr: 1998 Vol: 44 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 45-69

Alcohol consumption as a risk factor for cigarette smoking
Periodical: Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior Index Medicus:
Authors: Lee JA, Parrott SA, Feigelman W, et al ART
Yr: 1998 Vol: 61 Nbr: Abs: A15 Pg: 153

The 1998 California smokefree-bars law: attitudes of bar workers
Periodical: Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior Index Medicus:
Authors: Lee JA, Ando A, Sabado J, Friis RH ART
Yr: 2000 Vol: 66 Nbr: Abs: A22 Pg: 908

Public opinion analysis regarding the uses of master settlement agreement (MSA) funds in Long Beach, California.
Periodical: Southern California Public Health Association Newsletter Index Medicus:
Authors: Friis RH, Paine GM, Safer AM, Pervez MM, Lee JA ART
Yr: 0 Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg:

Smoking patterns among Cambodians in Southern California (submitted to Health Education Research)
Periodical: Index Medicus:
Authors: Friis RH, Forouzesh M, Chhim HS, Sze D. ART
Yr: Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg:

Sociocultural determinants of tobacco use among Cambodian Americans.
Periodical: Health Education Research Index Medicus:
Authors: Friis, RH; Forouzesh, M; Chhim, H; Nonga, S; and Sze, D ART
Yr: 2006 Vol: 21 Nbr: 3 Abs: Pg: 355-365