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Scott Hansen, BS, MS

University of California, San Diego # of Grants: 1


Soluble homologs of the nicotinic receptor 2003 (Cycle 12) $52,858
Nicotine Dependence Dissertation Awards

Structural and ligand recognition characteristics of an acetylcholine-binding protrotein from aplysia californica.
Periodical: Journal of Biological Chemistry Index Medicus:
Authors: Hansen SB, Talley TT, Radic Z, Taylor P ART
Yr: 2004 Vol: 279 Nbr: 23 Abs: Pg: 24197-24202

Contemporary paradigms for cholinergic ligand design guided by biological structure.
Periodical: Bioorganic Medical Chemistry Index Medicus:
Authors: Taylor P, Hansen SB, Talley TT, Hibbs RE, Radic Z ART
Yr: 2004 Vol: 14 Nbr: 8 Abs: Pg: 1875-1877

Structures of aplysia AChBP complexes with nicotinic agonists and antagonists reveal distinctive binding interfaces and conformations.
Periodical: Embo Journal Index Medicus:
Authors: Hansen SB, Sulzenbacher G, Huxford T, Marchot P, Taylor P, et al ART
Yr: 2005 Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg:

Crystal structure of a Cbx-AChBP complex reveals essential interactions between snake alpha-neurotoxins and nicotinic receptors.
Periodical: Embo Journal Index Medicus:
Authors: Bourne Y, Talley TT, Hansen SB, Taylor P, Marchot P ART
Yr: 2005 Vol: 24 Nbr: 8 Abs: Pg: 1512 - 1522