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John Monterosso, Ph.D.

University of California, Los Angeles # of Grants: 1


A novel FMRI smoking craving and reward paradigm 2003 (Cycle 12) $96,949
Nicotine Dependence Inno Dev & Exp Awards (IDEAS)

Psychosocial history by automated self-report.
Periodical: Federal Practitioner Index Medicus:
Authors: Ainslie G, Monterosso J, Christianado P, Armstrong J ART
Yr: 1998 Vol: 15 Nbr: 3 Abs: Pg: 33-40

Psychosocially enhanced treatment for cocaine dependent women with young children: evidence of efficacy.
Periodical: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment Index Medicus:
Authors: Volpicelli JR< Markman I, Monterosso J, Filing J, O'Brien CP ART
Yr: 2000 Vol: 18 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 41-49

Three decision-making tasks in cocaine-dependent patients: do they measure the same construct?
Periodical: Addiction Index Medicus:
Authors: Monterosso J, Ehrman R, Napier K, O'Brien CP ART
Yr: 2001 Vol: 96 Nbr: 12 Abs: Pg: 1825-1837

Predicting treatment response to naltrexone: The influence of craving and family history.
Periodical: American Journal on Addictions Index Medicus:
Authors: Monterosso J, Flannery B, Pettinati H, Oslin D, Rukstalis M, O'Brien C, Volpicelli J ART
Yr: 2001 Vol: 10 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 258-268

Comparing attentional bias to smoking cues in current smokers, former smokers, and non-smokers using a dot-probe task.
Periodical: Drug and Alcohol Dependence Index Medicus:
Authors: Ehrman R, Robbins S, Bromwell M, Lankford M, Monterosso J, Obrien C ART
Yr: 2002 Vol: 67 Nbr: 2 Abs: Pg: 185-191

The fragility of cooperation: an empirical study employing false-feedback in a sequential iterated prioner's dilemma.
Periodical: Journal of Economic Psychology Index Medicus:
Authors: Monterosso J, Ainslie G, Mullen P, Gault B ART
Yr: 2002 Vol: 23 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 437-448

Maximizing versus satisficing: happiness is a matter of choice.
Periodical: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Index Medicus:
Authors: Schwartz B, Ward A, Monterosso J, Lyubomirsky S, White K, Lehman DR ART
Yr: 2002 Vol: 83 Nbr: 5 Abs: Pg: 1178-1197

Effects of methylphenidate treatment discontinuation on cerebral blood flow in prepubescent bous with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Periodical: Journal of Nuclear Medicine Index Medicus:
Authors: Langleben D, Acton P, Elman I, Austin G, Monterosso J, Krikorian G, Ridlehuber H, et al. ART
Yr: 2002 Vol: 43 Nbr: 12 Abs: Pg: 1642-6249

Building blocks of self-control: increased tolerance for delay with bundled rewards.
Periodical: Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior Index Medicus:
Authors: Ainslie G, Monterosso J ART
Yr: 2003 Vol: 79 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 83-94

Moralization of college grading: performance, effort and moral worth.
Periodical: Basic and Applied Social Psychology Index Medicus:
Authors: Sabini J, Monterosso J ART
Yr: 2003 Vol: 25 Nbr: 3 Abs: Pg: 189-203

Patient attitudes toward treatment predict attendance in clinical pharmacotherapy trials of alcohol and drug treatment.
Periodical: Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research Index Medicus:
Authors: Pettinatti H, Monterosso J, Lipkin C, Volpicelli J ART
Yr: 2003 Vol: 12 Nbr: 4 Abs: Pg: 324-335

Will as intertemporal bargaining: implications for rationality.
Periodical: University of Pennsylvania Law Review Index Medicus:
Authors: Ainslie G, Monterosso J ART
Yr: 2003 Vol: 151 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 825-862