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Susan McQuown, BA

University of California, Irvine # of Grants: 1


Neural mechanisms underlying nicotine as a 'gateway' drug 2007 (Cycle 16) $60,000
Nicotine Dependence Dissertation Awards

The dynamic effects of nicotine on the developing brain
Periodical: Pharmacology and Therapeutics Index Medicus:
Authors: Dwyer JB, McQuown SC, Leslie FM ART
Yr: 2009 Vol: 122 Nbr: 2 Abs: Pg: 125-139

Age dependent eddects of low-dose nicotine treatment on cocaine-induced behavioral plasticity in rats.
Periodical: Psychopharmacology Index Medicus:
Authors: McQuown SC, Dao JM, Belluzzi JD, Leslie FM ART
Yr: 2009 Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg: