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Asa Andersson, Ph.D.

University of California, Los Angeles # of Grants: 1


Harnessing the immune system to fight lung cancer 2009 (Cycle 18) $117,637
Cancer Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

Role ofCXCR3 ligands in IL-7/IL-7R{alpha}-Fc-mediated antitumor activity in lung cancer
Periodical: Clinical Cancer Research Index Medicus:
Authors: Andersson A, Srivastava MK, Harris-White M, Huang M, Zhu L, ElashoffD, Strieter RM, Dubine ART
Yr: 2011 Vol: 17 Nbr: 11 Abs: Pg: 3660-72

Novel CCL21-vault nanocapsule intratumoral delivery inhibits lung cancer growth
Periodical: PLOS One Index Medicus:
Authors: Kar UK, Srivastava MK, Andersson A, Baratelli F, Huang M, Kickhoefer VA, Dubinett SM, Rom ART
Yr: 2011 Vol: 6 Nbr: 5 Abs: Pg: e18758

Myeloid Suppressor Cells and Immune Modulation in Lung Cancer
Periodical: Future Medicine, Immunotherapy Index Medicus:
Authors: Minu K Srivastava, Asa Andersson, Li Zhu, Mami Harris-White, Jay M Lee, Steven Dubinett, S ART
Yr: 2012 Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg: