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Sora Shin, Ph.D.

University of California, San Diego # of Grants: 1


Lateral septum circuitry underlying vulnerability to nicotin 2016 (Cycle 25) $118,800
Neuroscience of Nicotine Addiction and Treatment Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

Drd3 Signaling in the Lateral Septum Mediates Early Life Stress-Induced Social Dysfunction._x000D_ Neuron. 2018;97(1):195-208.e6. doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2017.11.040.
Periodical: Index Medicus:
Authors: Shin S, Pribiag H, Lilascharoen V, Knowland D, Wang XY, Lim BK. ART
Yr: Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg: