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About Us

The TRDRP is administered by the University of California and is a program of the Research Grants Program Office (RGPO), Office of Research and Graduate Studies at the University of California, Office of the President. The Research Grants Program Office is led by Dr. Mary Croughan, Executive Director, who oversees a broad portfolio of research programs and grants, representing up to $100 million in funded research each year. With a diverse set of missions and approaches, these programs seek to:

  • Advance research in areas of importance to California, the nation and the world;

  • Enhance UC's and California's research capacity and excellence, making it easier to attract the best faculty, graduate students, government funding, and companies to the State;

  • Create opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers to develop their research and advance their careers.

To learn more about individual programs or initiatives, see Programs and Funding Opportunities.

History of TRDRP

  • In 1988, California voters approved Proposition 99, “The Tobacco Tax and Health Protection Act of 1988,” which instituted a 25¢ per pack cigarette surtax.

  • 5¢ of each dollar collected supports critical tobacco-related research.

The Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP) funds research that enhances understanding of tobacco use, prevention and cessation, the social, economic and policy-related aspects of tobacco use, and tobacco-related diseases in the State of California.
TRDRP is administered by the University of California and is one of three state agencies that work together towards the vision of a tobacco-free California.  

prop99 chrt link to california tobacco control prorogram california department of education trdrp website tobacco education and research oversight committee


The TRDRP aims to reduce the human and economic costs of tobacco use through innovative research, information dissemination, and collaboration across all sectors of California’s tobacco control community.

  • The TRDRP is solely funded through the tobacco tax and individual contributions

  • Since its inception, the TRDRP has funded more than 1200 research grants on tobacco-related studies

  • Ninety-five percent of our revenue goes directly to funding research and education efforts

  • The revenue is used to make grants for California scientists and community researchers to find better ways to prevent and reduce tobacco use and its related diseases

  • The TRDRP supports critically needed new priorities that represent gaps in funding by other agencies and/or are areas where other agencies  are reluctant or unable to provide support

Our Program’s Core Values

A commitment to…

  • Tobacco-related science of highest quality and potential impact

  • Scientifically derived evidence to impact the public and policy-makers

  • Collaborative strategies to reduce disproportionate impact on communities

  • Advancing the careers of researchers from diverse backgrounds interested in tobacco-related research

  • Communicating research findings to a diverse array of stakeholders

  • Adapting to address critical new research needs

  • Strategic and judicious use of limited resources for highest impact

TRDRP Strategic Goals:

GOAL 1:  To fund innovative research in high priority areas.

GOAL 2:  To advance all areas of science to reduce tobacco-related health disparities experienced by California’s most vulnerable populations.

GOAL 3:  To systematically inform the California tobacco control community, the state legislature, and the California public about current research developments and findings.

GOAL 4:  To strengthen and enhance the tobacco control and tobacco-related disease research infrastructure and human capital in California.

GOAL 5:  To expand resources available for California’s critical tobacco-related research effort


Legislative Links

Read the legislation that created the TRDRP:
Health and Safety Code Section 104500-104545

Learn about our partners in California’s tobacco control efforts:

California Tobacco Control Program of the
California Department of Public Health

CA Dept. of Edu.
California Department of Education Tobacco Use Prevention and Education (TUPE) Program