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Quantitative Genetic Analysis

Institution: SRI International
Investigator(s): Dorit Carmelli, Ph.D.
Award Cycle: 1998 (Cycle 7) Grant #: 7PT-2001 Award: $1,490,600
Subject Area: Epidemiology
Award Type: Integrated Research Project

Initial Award Abstract
The Core Component, located at the Center for Health Sciences at SRI International, will serve as a centralized repository of data, will advise each Study Center regarding the biostatistical assays, and will conduct statistical analyses. The core will serve as a consulting center regarding study design, sample size calculations, data collection and management, and statistical analysis.

The core also will integrate the data from the Study Centers and Oregon Research Institute (ORI) and will monitor the progress of the overall project, overseeing the processing of data collection and ensuring data quality. Existing questionnaire data from ORI will be transferred to the Core to be reorganized into a family database for segregation analysis and the study of phenotypes in Study 1. The Core staff also will coordinate the transfer of blood, urine, and saliva specimens between ORI and UCSF and will track the specimens through the computer database. The laboratory results from Studies 2 and 3 will first be transferred to the Core to verify data quality, such as by performing a paternity check for marker genotypes and detection of outliers for cotinine clearance level. Communication between the Study Centers, ORI, and the Core will be facilitated by monthly conference calls and semi-annual meetings, to be held at SRI International.

The Center for Health Sciences at SRI International has past experience as the data coordinating center of the multi-center NHLBI Twin Study (Dorit Carmelli, Ph.D., Principal Investigator) that involved collection and analysis of data collected in Boston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Northern California.