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Conference Support for Clearing the Air Institute May 2013

Institution: American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation
Investigator(s): Cynthia Hallett, MPH
Award Cycle: 2012 (Cycle 21) Grant #: 21ST-0116 Award: $5,000
Subject Area: Public Health, Public Policy, and Economics
Award Type: Special Projects

Initial Award Abstract
The Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights would like to request conference support for the Clearing the Air: An Institute for Policy Advocacy conference. This will be the 8th installment of the Clearing the Air Institute in California, where public health professionals, researchers, and advocates nationwide receive top level training and assistance from the nation's foremost tobacco control experts and researchers. This unique opportunity gives participants on-the-ground practical examples, data and resources to succeed in tobacco control and ultimately, to reduce the number of people in the U.S. with cancer and heart disease as a result of secondhand smoke exposure. The purpose of the Institute is to expand the capacity of smokefree advocates, researchers, and public health professionals and to sustain the movement nationwide. Our goal is to identify, cultivate, train, inspire, and connect the individuals who are new to the issue and send them back to their communities to work more effectively to reduce secondhand smoke exposure. We believe the Institute's activities and sessions are a core element in maintaining and expanding the movement and fostering a grassroots network across the country. Planning for the 8th Institute, which will take place May 5-8, 2013, is already underway. We project a total cost of $175,000 for 135 participants, which includes the usual conference materials, limited speakers' travel fees, participant accommodations and meals for four days. The overall cost of the Institute is quite low in comparison to other national conferences, when considering the all-inclusive package.