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What's Menthol Got to Do with it! Everything!

Institution: American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation
Investigator(s): Cynthia Hallett, MPH
Award Cycle: 2017 (Cycle 26) Grant #: 26ST-0052 Award: $5,000
Subject Area: State and Local Tobacco Control Policy Research
Award Type: Special Projects

Initial Award Abstract

This forum will disseminate tobacco related disease research findings and engage and encourage key African American health professionals, policy activists and tobacco control advocates to participate in activities to curb and regulate the use of menthol in the Black community. Ms. Bankston Lee will disseminate research findings concerning smoking initiation and cessation among African American college students, especially highlighting the deleterious effects of menthol and flavored tobacco products sold near our schools and in our communities. Given her work with young adults and college students, she has found that many of them, especially African American smokers are users of menthol and other flavored tobacco product's.