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William Conroy, Ph.D.

University of California, San Diego # of Grants: 2


Neuronal ACh Receptors: Candidates for Mediating Addiction 1993 (Cycle 2) $66,994
Nicotine Dependence Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

Proteins involved in nicotine receptor clustering 2000 (Cycle 9) $307,246
Nicotine Dependence Research Project Awards

The alpha5 gene product assembles with multiple acetylcholine receptor subunits to form distinctive receptor subtypes in brain
Periodical: Neuron Index Medicus:
Authors: Conroy WG, Vernallis AB, Berg DK ART
Yr: 1992 Vol: 9 Nbr: 4 Abs: Pg: 679-691

Neurons assemble acetylcholine receptors with as many as three kinds of subunits while maintaining subunit segregation among receptor subtypes
Periodical: Neuron Index Medicus:
Authors: Vernallis AB, Conroy WG, Berg DK ART
Yr: 1993 Vol: 10 Nbr: 3 Abs: Pg: 451-464

Cluster formation of alpha7-containing nicotinic receptors at interneuronal interfaces in cell culture
Periodical: Neuropharmacology Index Medicus:
Authors: Conroy WG, Ogden LF, Berg DK ART
Yr: 2000 Vol: 39 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 2699-2705

Nicotinic alpha7 receptors: synaptic options and doewnstream signaling in neurons
Periodical: Journal of Neurobiology Index Medicus:
Authors: Berg DK, Conroy WG ART
Yr: 2002 Vol: 53 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 512-523

Developmental expression of nicotinic receptors in the chick and human spinal cord.
Periodical: Journal of Comparative Neurology Index Medicus:
Authors: Keiger CJ, Prevette D, Conroy WG, Oppenheim RW ART
Yr: 2003 Vol: 455 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 86-99

PDZ-containing proteins provide a functional postsynaptic scaffold for nicotinic receptors in neurons.
Periodical: Neuron Index Medicus:
Authors: Conroy WG, Liu Z, Nai Q, Coggan JS, Berg DK ART
Yr: 2003 Vol: 38 Nbr: Abs: Pg: 759-771