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Dennis Dougherty, BS, MS, Ph.D.

California Institute of Technology # of Grants: 2


Understanding Nicotinic Receptor Subtype Specificity 2007 (Cycle 16) $592,751
Nicotine Dependence Research Project Awards

Understanding nicotinic receptor subtype specificity 2010 (Cycle 19) $361,036
Nicotine Dependence Exploratory/Developmental Award

Cys-loop neuroreceptors: structure to the rescue?
Periodical: Chemical Reviews Index Medicus:
Authors: Dougherty, DA ART
Yr: 2008 Vol: 108 Nbr: 5 Abs: Pg: 1642-1653

Physical organic chemistry on the brain
Periodical: Journal of Organics Chemistry Index Medicus:
Authors: ART
Yr: 2008 Vol: 73 Nbr: 10 Abs: Pg: 3667-3673

Nicotine binding to brain receptors requires a strong cation-pi interaction
Periodical: Nature Index Medicus:
Authors: Xiu X, Puskar NL, Shanata JP, Lester HA, Dougherty DA ART
Yr: 2009 Vol: Nbr: 458 Abs: Pg: 534-537

The nicotine pharmacophore: the polar groups of ACh and nicotine hydrogen bond across a submit interface to a backbone NH
Periodical: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Index Medicus:
Authors: Blum, AP; Lester,HA; Dougherty, J ART
Yr: 2010 Vol: Nbr: 107 Abs: Pg: 13206-13211

An unusual pattern of ligand-receptor interactions for the a7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, with implications for the binding of varenicline
Periodical: Index Medicus:
Authors: E. B. Van Arnam, E. E. Blythe, H. A. Lester, and D. A. Dougherty ART
Yr: Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg:

Binding Interactions To The Complementary Subunit Of Nicotinic Receptors
Periodical: Index Medicus:
Authors: A. P. Blum, E. B. Van Arnam, L. A._x000D_ German, H. A. Lester, and D. A. Dougherty ART
Yr: Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg:

Variations in Binding Among Several Agonists at Two Stoichiometries of the Neuronal, a4B2 Nicotinic Receptor, X
Periodical: Index Medicus:
Authors: Da Silva Tavares, A. P. Blum, D. T. Nakamura, N. L. Puskar,J. A. P. Shanata, H. A. Lester, ART
Yr: Vol: Nbr: Abs: Pg: