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California State CapitalLegislative briefing, April 19, on tobacco research findings: Predatory Marketing by the Tobacco Industry – Luring our Children to Addiction

Studies funded by the UC-administered Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP) find that the tobacco industry continues to target children, especially those in African American neighborhoods. Read more about the briefing >

California Consortium on Thirdhand Smoke

TRDRP has funded a state-wide consortium of California researchers to conduct scientific research on Thirdhand Smoke and its effects on public health. Read more about the consortium >

third hand smoke picThirdhand Smoke Exposure and Health Effects

After the smoke clears, danger still lurks. Thirdhand smoke is a new frontier, and UC’s Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program has assembled a consortium of investigators to study the health risks caused by the remnants of cigarette smoke - April 12, 2012 > Read more about the health effects of third hand smoke

After the Smoke Clears, Danger Still Lurks

Tax Check-off Dollars Informs Communities Disproportionately Affected by Cancer

Dollars donated by California tax filers support innovative research to fight breast cancer and tobacco-related diseases.- March 29, 2012 > Read more about recent research to fight breast cancer.

legislative briefingTobacco Control Saves Lives and Billions of Dollars

On May 12, 2011, Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP) researchers lead a Legislative Briefing at the California State Capital.  Research findings conclusively showed the benefits of California’s tobacco control program and what declining support for tobacco control costs the state in lives and dollars. >Read more

 lung cancer early detection teamLung Cancer Early Detection

Leading research team producing a panel of biomarkers that will form the basis of a specific and sensitive non-invasive blood and salivary test for the detection of early lung cancer. >Read more

Valerie Yerger photoRichmond’s Smoking Ban: Ensuring Impact

Dr. Valerie Yerger at the University of California, San Francisco received a TRDRP grant to evaluate a new citywide ordinance that bans smoking in multi-unit housing in Richmond, California. >Read more

besaratinia photoHow does Secondhand Smoke Cause Lung Cancer?

Exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS) has been linked to lung cancer development. However, the extent to which lung cancer development can be influenced by SHS exposure. >Read more

Sabrina Lin photoHarm Reduction Cigarettes: More Toxic?

Dr. Sabrina Lin at the University of California, Riverside has previously shown that sidestream cigarette smoke from three different brands of harm reduction cigarettes (Marlboro Lights, Advance Lights, and Quest Lights) is consistently more potent than sidestream smoke from a conventional brand (Marlboro Red).

Now in a new study funded by TRDRP, Dr. Lin will provide further insight into why harm reduction cigarettes may be more toxic than conventional brands, providing evidence critical to countering tobacco industry marketing claims. >Read more

omid akbari picChronic Obstructive Lung Disease or COPD

Individuals afflicted with COPD  periodically suffer attacks of inflammation and narrowing of the small airways in response to certain triggers.Exposure to smoke and nicotine affects specific immune cells in the lungs and therefore directly causes these attacks. >Read more

Tzippora Goldkorn, Ph.D.Smoking and Lung Cancer

Cigarette smoking is associated with many respiratory diseases characterized by lung injury. Tzippora Goldkorn at UC Davis hypothesized that a common cause for pulmonary diseases is enhanced cell death causing the overall tissue damage characteristic of COPD. > Read More